A Week in Amsterdam

If you were asked to take a week off from classes to travel across the globe, would you?

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Amsterdam with THE rAVe Agency. While this was a business trip and we were working in a convention center for most of the days, we still tried to see as much of Amsterdam as we could. Here are some of my favorites from the trip.

Heineken Brewery

Amsterdam: a place where there are more bikes than cars and the winters are wet and windy. I also learned that the Dutch are extremely proud of their Heineken beer, which is served on tap pretty much everywhere.

The group and I visited the Heineken Experience, an interactive brewery tour.  The tour guides were dressed in spiffy green suspenders and bowties as they took us along the museum. We each received two tokens to redeem at the very end to enjoy two refreshing glasses of Heineken.

MAXIM Piano Bar

The piano bar had an intimate and cozy vibe, with the lights dimmed and barstools surrounding the grand piano. The pianist of the night was actually American, and he was playing at various piano bars across the world. He could play almost any song and had request cards all over the piano.

As the night progressed, more people entered the bar. I requested about 15 different songs, so my friends and I got to hear our favorites, such as “Sweet Caroline” and “American Pie.” Everyone in the bar was singing along joyfully as he played all night long.

We didn’t have any Euros on us, but thankfully we had a $20. He was returning back to the United States the next day, so he didn’t mind at all.


Amsterdam is also known for its many canals and beautiful historic buildings. Down one of these streets, we found the flower market that floats on top of one of the canals. We found everything from cheap souvenirs, beautiful tulips, and cheese shops with tons of samples.

I only wish that I could have bought flowers for myself with them making the whole nine hour flight back!

Amsterdam is definitely a city I look forward to returning to soon, as I know there is so much more I could explore. Everyone was extremely friendly and spoke English so well that I often forgot that I was in a different country. I am grateful for the chance to have visited Europe, even if it was for just this short amount of time.  

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